Magnetic driven pumps are available as optional equipment on all the watermakers units. They are built into various models with threaded or hose connection up to 200 l/min. The small size, low noise and the total absence of sealing components make its application ideal and safe in any special equipment and environment.
This is a high quality European product, developed and built in North Italy with all the EU certifications, and not a cheap imported product. Years of continuous duty without any leaks are granted.



TMB and TMP are centrifugal, single stage magnetic drive pumps with mono phase multi frequence electric motor or possibility to be coupled to standard single and three phases motors for the bigger models.

Pump casing is made of polypropylene thermoplastic resin reinforced with glass fibre; it stands several corrosive liquids as well as standard ceramic shaft, PTFE reinforced bushings and FKM O ring casing.

Magnetic drive eliminates rotary seal organs and the associated risks of loss of fluid in the environment. Small size, low noise level and the total absence of sealing make these pumps ideal and safe to apply even in sophisticated equipment or in elegant surroundings.The simple construction based on few components plainly assembled eases any maintenance operation.

– Pump front and rear with a single static O-ring in between create a liquid tight casing.
– Guide bushes housed at the two ends of the pump body support the impeller.
– Impeller embeds, shaft, thrust bearings and magnetic core.
– Magnet sintered ferrite inductor housed in drum external to the rear side of the casing is fixed to the electric motor shaft.
– Electric motor thermally protected incorporates the support of the pump casing.