Water Makers for Boats series ”Just Water” 230 Volt 2,2 kW – 180-200-240-300 l/h – Light VERSION

 5119.00 6369.00 + 20% VAT (if due)

The water makers for boats 2,2 kW 230 Volt ”Just Water” model, comes complete with all the necessary to let you mount your own watermaker aboard. You have only to connect the hoses and the electric wires to get the job done! No specials skills or wrenches are required to perform this simple task.

The LIGHT version of this watermaker uses the same high quality components of the PRO version water makers marine, but it is supplied with a high pressure assembly (regulation valve and digital pressure sensor) mounted directly on the outlet of the last pressure vessel, instead of the control panel.

Delivery time: 10 working days