12 Volt Marine Watermaker for Sailboat 55 l/h DIY Kit

 3590.00 + 20% VAT (if due)

Great value for money sailboat watermaker supplied as a DIY Watermaker Kit. In the Blue Gold ZERO series Watermakers you will find only the essential components of a well-functioning reverse osmosis desalination plant.

The required power is very low, only 450 Watt (less than 40 Amperes) and you can produce freshwater without the need of a generator or a big alternator on the engine of the boat.

The Blue Gold ZERO Watermaker is intended for use by recreational yachts, small leisure boats and sailboats where purchase and maintenance of the desalination plant on board need to be economical. Around this simple, inexpensive and very reliable watermaker for nautical use, you can install additional components according to the specific needs of the boat.

Delivery time: 10 working days