Quick Fit Orienting Elbow Male Adapter “Thread 1/4″ UNIVERSAL SHORT” for permeate hose 1/4″

 4.50 + 20% VAT (if due)

Quick fit orienting elbow male adapter can be used in permeate outlet in the heads of the vessels. Can accommodate 1/4″ hose.
The 1/4″ hose can be used for water makers with an output smaller than 80 l/h or only to connect the permeate outlet of the vessels system each other.

For long sections of pipe, 3/8″ should be used.

The UNIVERSAL SHORT taper thread has been designed to offer the following advantages to the users:
• reduced overall length;
• smaller hex dimensions compared to the parallel threads;
• to allow the assembly with different female threads both taper as well as parallel (BSPP, BSPT, NPT).